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Max's Friends and Family Program rewards Preferred Customers with FREE product for telling their family and friends about their favorite Max products.

Receive Free Product
As a Preferred Customer, you can enjoy free product when you refer three friends or family members to Max and they join as a Preferred Customer with an AutoShip for at least the same dollar amount you spend monthly, the following month your product is FREE. What's even better, each month your three friends and/or family continue to receive Max product equal to the amount you order, your product will be FREE. All you have to pay for is the shipping, handling and tax.


If you purchase Cellgevity for $65 and you refer 3 friends and/or family members in a month who also purchase Cellgevity, the following month you'll receive your product FREE. Every month your 3 friends and/or family members continue to receive Cellgevity, you'll continue to receive your product FREE.

Get Started
To start receiving your product for free, follow these easy steps:

  1. Call Customer Care and request your referral ID.
  2. Share your product experience with your friends and family.
  3. Send your friends and family to to enroll as a Preferred Customer. Make sure they enter your referral ID in the space provided.

The great benefits of the Preferred Customer Friends and Family Program:
  • Join for FREE
  • Receive product at wholesale or save even more with loyalty pricing
  • Product is delivered to your home every month
  • Earn FREE product monthly

NOTE: CV earned for free products generated from your preferred customers will be applied to the lowest CV item in your autoship first.

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